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Feburary 15, 2015
Customer Service
I can not say enough as to how good you took care of my order.  Letting me know what was not in stock right away and suggesting other items.  You have done a great job.  I will be back again soon.

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About us

We are the oldest online merchants of Medieval swords, Medieval and Renaissance clothing, leather and functional steel armour and LARP gear. We supply collectors, reenactors and LARP (live action role-playing) groups with high quality swords, chainmail, helms, shields, jewelry and historical accessories. We search the world so that we can offer historical reproductions for your fun and enjoyment as well as your re-enactment and historical needs.

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16th Century Plain Full Armour 42-AA700

The 16th Century Plain Full Armour is a very popular full-size Decorative suit of Armor from Spain and modeled on a 16th century museum piece. Polished hardwood base.
Sku: 42-AA700  Price:$2298.38

16th Century Embossed Full Armour 42-AA701

16th Century Embossed Full Armour is a very popular full-size Decorative suit of Armor from Spain and modeled on a 16th century museum piece. Ready to display.
Sku: 42-AA701  Price:$2789.40

16th Century Engraved Full Armour 42-AA703

Decorative 16th Century Engraved Full Suite of Armour Based on European suit of armor from the 16th Century. Full size Six foot tall replica makes an outstanding addition to any home or office.
Sku: 42-AA703  Price:$2988.40

Gothic Suit of Armour 29-AB0024

The Gothic Suit of Armour, in 1.2mm Thick Steel, is a fully articulated and wearable full-harness in the German ‘Gothic’ style of the late 15th century.
Sku: 29-AB0024  Price:$1800.00

Maximilian Armour AH-3899

Our Maximilian Armour is an Early sixteenth century fluted display suit of armor, comes with a polished finish.
Sku: AH-3899  Price:$2400.00

German Gothic Armour AH-6007

Very detailed and accurate 15th Century suit of armor or (harness) of German Gothic Armour is fully articulated and wearable.
Sku: AH-6007  Price:$2150.00

Steel Armour Stand BD-7999

This sturdy Steel Armour Stand is designed to display your full harness of armour. Adjustable height 3 part stand will hold most suits of armour.
Sku: BD-7999  Price:$210.00

Classic Armour Medieval Set 62-8194

Our Classic Medieval Armour Set is a full size, wearable half-armour display. Museums and Armories throughout the world display their treasured armour on stands creating an interesting focal point for their exhibits and now you can too!
Sku: 62-8194  Price:$500.00

Renaissance Armour Display 62-8201

With our Renaissance Armour Display, what an impression you will make when friends and colleagues visit your home or office as you display your own beautifully hand crafted armour styled and created as the originals!
Sku: 62-8201  Price:$510.00

Wearable Gothic Armor 62-8160

Our Wearable Gothic Armor has curves and fluting that make this Gothic armor truly unique were originally created by the artistic German armourers of the late 15th century.
Sku: 62-8160  Price:$472.00

Engraved Suit of Armour TS-322

Our Engraved Suit of Armour is a Full-Size Suit of Armour. The sword is included. This is a Life-Sized display piece made of Iron Pieces. Comes with Wooden Display Stand.
Sku: TS-322  Price:$3250.00
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